Smak Parlour: Inspired by 1960s Mod A-line dresses

I love delving into vintage fashion photography & illustration to find the source material that inspires today’s fashion designers. Let’s take a look at two fab new dresses from  Smak Parlour that we have at our boutique, and some vintage 1960s Mod fashion designs that may have been the inspiration!

We’ve got two little dresses of the same cut, a  black & white striped fit and flare dress:

and a lovely  blue floral flare dress with mustard yellow trim:

They’re both totes adorbz, right?! Now look at the following vintage 1960s sewing patterns and photos of Mod A-line dresses and see what parallels you can draw…


A cute, contrasting yoke at the neckline, and a pleated skirt…
See more or buy this pattern:…


Wide bands of contrasting color at the waistline (although this one is much higher), and at the hemline, and a very bold and graphic style that adds a youthful, yet sophisticated and put together look.

This cool pic is from an issue of Seventeen magazine, January 1968, and had the headline, Plot your parking spot and stop avenue traffic with new double knit dazzlement.”

source: justseventeen, an amazing Tumblr featuring tons of vintage Seventeen magazine fashion spreads!…


The Smak Parlour dresses really echo the bold design of this little number with their wide bands of contrasting trim at the neckline, waist (dropped to the true waistline), and the hem. And both the old and new dresses have pockets, every lady’s fave!
See more or buy this pattern:…

Check out the full  Smak Parlour Collection for more 1960s-inspired cuteness! Many of their dresses have little Peter Pan collars and flowy sleeves like those pictured on the vintage Butterick sewing pattern below. Their collection totally captures that sweetly feminine, yet practical for the modern working woman, vibe that was so prevalent in the sixties. We love this brand because of their focus on fun and smart design, and soft and comfy stretch fabrics (way better than the double-knits of true vintage dresses of the era). In addition, Smak Parlour is a woman-owned business started by two BFFs, and their dresses are made right here in the USA. What’s not to love?!


See more or buy this pattern:…


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