Three Easy Tricks for Looking Put Together in Comfy Tees and Casual Skirts

Three Easy Tricks for Looking Put Together in Comfy Tees and Casual Skirts - quick & easy style tips from the Vintage Adoration blog!


Wanna be casual and comfy in a skirt, while still looking totally stylish and put together? It’s actually super easy, and you probably already have a few items in your closet that you can use to create several cute vintage inspired looks!

Take a look at this easy breezy, totally comfortable outfit I recently put together at my boutique with an awesome Fight Like a Girl tee and an adorable black and white gingham skirt (with pockets!):

Retro T-shirt with Gingham Full Skirt
Retro T-shirt with Gingham Full Skirt

There are 3 tricks to achieving a stylish, polished and pulled together look like this, using a basic t-shirt and skirt combo:

  1. Tuck that shirt in! Nothing takes you from sloppy to classy more easily and quickly than simply tucking in your shirt. Study vintage fashion photos and that’s the first thing you’ll notice: almost everyone tucked in their shirts, even for casual looks.
  2. Wear your skirt at your natural waist, the narrowest part of your trunk. You can easily find it by bending to the side and noting the point where you bend. Wearing your retro skirts this way (instead of low on your hips) will define your waist in a super flattering way, accentuating your curves, and giving you that classic 1950s hourglass silhouette!
  3. Add vintage inspired accessories! In the photo above, I paired the outfit with the cute little Edalee bow flats by retro faves B.A.I.T. Footwear. Another important accessory for achieving a stylish vintage look is a great bag like the Lila handbag in red and black patent leather. Throw your phone, keys & everything else you need for the day in there while also adding a dash of style to your outfit! And don’t forget to add some fun retro jewelry like colorful bangle bracelets! Check out my Pinterest board for ideas on how to accessorize with vintage style.

Need more inspiration? I always get great ideas from the stylish members of our Hempton’s Fan Club! Check out these fantastic retro casual outfits they’ve put together. Corinne nabbed this Live Fast Dye Pretty tee and adorable pink tulle skirt from our boutique. Christina and Bianca are both wearing their favorite tees paired with vintage inspired skirts from our shop. These three ladies are killin’ it, and with ease!

Note how Christina adds her own vintage flair with retro sunglasses, a neck scarf, stacked bracelets and a wide belt. These kinds of accessories are perfect if you want to go all out for a 1950s inspired rockabilly or pinup look!

I hope these tips and photos have showed you how easy it is to create a fabulous outfit with class and style, that’s still ultra comfortable and easy to wear.

What are your favorite fashion tips for looking great while still being relaxed? Let us know in the comments!

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