Mingling with Local Vintage Lovers at Lonestar Round Up

Yellow 1940s Classic Car at Lonestar Round Up 2018, Austin TX

The 18th Annual Lonestar Round Up was a total blast! It was our second year having a booth for our boutique, and both years have been a great success for us, and just a super fun time. In addition to meeting and mingling with lovers of all things vintage, I got to visit with other vendors and some of the makers that supply cool things for our shop! It was a busy two days, but I had a lot of fun, and had lots of help from Alyssa, one of our awesome Hempton’s Shop Gals.

Beth and Alyssa Working the Hempton's Retro Booth at Lonestar Round Up 2018, Austin, Texas

The best part for me is chatting with all of the folks who stop by our booth. Vintage enthusiasts from around the world flock to this awesome classic and custom car show! I met all kinds of people and saw some amazing cars, too. Here are a few of the fabulous ladies I got to chat with. I love seeing all of the lovely vintage inspired hair and makeup, and of course the outfits!

This first photo is of two adorable sisters who are regular shoppers at our Austin boutique & members of our Hempton’s Fan Club. How cute are they?! Give these two beautiful modern pin up gals a follow on Instagram: Bonnie Luxe & her sis Vicky Darlin.

Pin Up Sisters Bonnie Luxe & Vicky Darlin at Lonestar Round Up 2018, Austin, Texas


This next lovely lady is Annie, and Annie loves leopard print! She looked so fantastic in her leopard print coat. Annie had it going on with a great little red vintage purse, black cat eye glasses, and a vintage style hair do, complete with perfect red lipstick. She fell in love with the retro pin up lingerie from our boutique. Annie couldn’t resist this vintage inspired leopard print bra and high waisted garter panty set!

Leopard print lovin' Annie, with the retro pinup lingerie set she found at the Hempton's Retro booth at Lonestar Round Up 2018, Austin, Texas


I also had the pleasure of seeing Texas pinup model Shevi De Lux again. This gorgeous lady is always fun to talk to, and I love her vintage hairstyle with pin up hair flowers and a snood!



Now, are you ready for the cutest little thing? You might even squee out loud over this one. I just had to snap a pic of this tiny tot when she rode by in her cool mint green mini classic car. What a lucky little lady to have such a sweet ride!

Tiny Girl in Mini Classic Car Wagon at Lonestar Round Up 2018, Austin, Texas

Classic and Kustom Cars at Lonestar Round Up 2018, Austin, Texas


Luckily I had a bit of time to check out some of the other vendor booths to ooh and ahh over their goodies. I saw so many fantastic things, like the vintage inspired earrings below, made in San Antonio by Atomic Luna. We’ve been carrying this fab line of retro jewelry in our boutique for a while, and I’m super exciting to be getting some new pretties like these in stock soon! Photo from Atomic Luna on Instagram.

Vintage Inspired Jewelry by Atomic Luna


In addition to Ana Maria from Atomic Luna, I got to talk to some other awesome San Antonio ladies, some of whom I had only known from Instagram. It was really fun to meet them in person and talk about their work. The two beautiful ladies creating magical vintage hairstyles in the pic below are the talented hair and makeup artists Achaisha and Josie Fatale. They prettied up many a lady at their booth, and you can tell they had a ton of fun doing it! Check out Looks That Kill by Josie Fatale to see Josie’s vintage, pinup, bridal, and formal event work. In addition to vintage makeup and hair styling by appointment, Achaisha creates absolutely gorgeous pinup hair flowers under the name Cliptacular Creations, which we hope to stock in our boutique very soon! What a couple of super creative and talented babes! Photo is from Cliptacular Creations on Instagram.

Vintage and Pinup Hair by Cliptacular Creations and Looks That Kill by Josie Fatale at Lonestar Round Up 2018, Austin, TX

Texas Pinup and Vintage Enthusiasts at the Cliptacular Creations Booth, Lonestar Round Up 2018, Austin, TX

I loved getting to see all these gorgeous, glamorous Texas pinup ladies! You should check out their Instagram feeds for lots of fab outfit and style inspo! From left to right: Josie Fatale; lovely local Austin pinup Sassy SmarttAchaisha and her business, Cliptacular Creations; another San Antonio sweetheart, Bibi, who makes the cutest skirts and has just announced the opening of her own business, Kittenpops Bespoke; me (Hemptons Retro); and front and center is an Austin beauty with impeccable vintage style, Kris.


And last, but certainly not least, I enjoyed seeing the lovely ladies of Lone Star Gal Designs again, also from San Antonio, and quite the adorable business owner pair! They are total sweethearts and make the cutest retro jewelry! This photo is from their Lone Star Gal Designs Instagram feed.

Lone Star Gal Designs Booth at Lonestar Round Up 2018, Austin, Texas

Their designs include glitter resin mid-century modern inspired jewelry, as well as cute animals and food designs that are irresistable! The photo below shows their earrings hanging on a pegboard in our boutique. I was excited to snag some of their latest pieces to add to our selection, like these ultra adorable fudgecicles.

Retro Earrings by Lone Star Gal Design, at Hempton's Retro Threads, Austin, Texas


That’s it for this year’s Round Up round up! Hope you enjoyed it, and maybe we’ll see you there next year! Check out the Lonestar Round Up About page to learn more.

Classic Chevy Impala at Lonestar Round Up 2018, Austin, Texas

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