Bring back Katy Keene, the Pin-Up Queen!

Are you a fan of Katy Keene? I have to admit that I only recently discovered her while clicking through Pinterest (I know; I can’t believe it either). As a kid, I read tons of Archie comics, but mostly just the ones featuring Archie, Jughead, Betty & Veronica. Somehow I totally missed Katy Keene, even though her character (originally created in the 1940s by artist Bill Woggon) was revived in the 1980s, my prime comic book reading decade.

Katy Keene Fashions Vintage Comic Book Paper Doll

Katy Keene, Queen of Pin-Ups and Fashions vintage comic book

Katy Keene Annual #4 1957-1958 Silver Age Archie Comic Bill Woggon Paper Dolls

In the 1980s revival of the Katy Keene comic books, Katy’s style was updated to reflect current trends. Not surprisingly though, I’m most interested in the vintage Katy Keene comics of the 1940s and 1950s. They were totally pin up inspired in the coolest way, and often featured paper dolls. There are a plethora of scanned vintage Katy Keene paper doll comics on Pinterest. You can also find lots of Katy Keene comic books and paper doll pages on eBay. I’d love to see new Katy Keene comic books depicting her in a contemporary style that pays homage to her pin-up roots. A rockabilly lovin’, car show attending, vintage shopping maven, with paper dolls complete with adorable modern pinup accessories like teeny tiny Erstwilder brooches. Can’t you just picture it?


Queen of Pin-Ups and Fashions, Katy Keene Comics


One super cool aspect of the Katy Keene comic books was that they took reader’s submissions for outfits for Katy! You can see in the cover image above that a reader from Alberta, Canada was credited with Katy’s Rainy-Day Fashion. I love that! Check out these adorable western and space girl designs, published with the names and addresses of the people that drew them. They’re so fun. Clearly, Katy embodied a spirit of fearless adventure that resonated with readers. And as befitting her title of “Queen of Pin-Ups and Fashions,” she did it all while remaining super stylish, because priorities.


Katy Keene Western Fashions Paper Dolls, designs submitted by readers

Katy Keene comic books, reader's space girl outfit submissions c.1950s


With all of the recent reboots of classic comic book characters on both the big and small screens, and their resulting successes, I’m wondering, will we get a new Katy Keene series or movie??? Or at least a storyline on the CW’s Riverdale involving the glamour queen of the Archie Comics universe? It’s been speculated on by many in the fandom, and I’m here for it. Katy Keene is just one of the many interesting citizens of Riverdale that would make fun additions to the show. Check out The Game of Nerds’s fun list of characters we’d like to see on Riverdale.

Katy Keene Send-Away Paper Doll

Archie Comics recently registered a new trademark for the Katy Keene character, so I think we will definitely be seeing more of her! Squee! They’d be silly not to bring this enduring, much-loved character back. And let it be known to the powers that be: I’d love to carry official Katy Keene merch in my boutique! How cute would t-shirts with a pinup-style Katy be, and of course, paper dolls are a necessity! Actual paper dolls, as well as paper doll imagery on clothing or jewelry; the potential is vast. I mean, Betty and Veronica have already capitalized on their timeless style in a partnership with Pinup Girl Clothing. I can imagine an adorable Katy Keene fashion line being a huge hit with vintage lovers and modern pin up girls as well. Are you listening, Archie Comics???

What do you think about new Katy Keene modern pin-up paper dolls? Would you buy them for yourself? What kind of outfits and accessories would you like to see? The possibilities are endless! Leave a comment below describing your dream outfit for Katy. I want to hear all about it!

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