5 Easy Ways to Style a Scarf

5 Easy Ways to Style a Scarf - with vintage flair!

Do piles of pretty silk scarves often catch your eye at vintage stores?  So you stand there for a minute or two, idly gazing and thinking, those are so beautiful! and inexpensive, too… if only I knew what to do with them….

Audrey Hepburn in Charade
Audrey Hepburn in the 1963 romantic comedy mystery, Charade

Well ponder no longer, because I’m about to show you how to wear them. You could have an impossibly-glam-without-even-really-trying style, just like Miss Audrey. I’m serious. It’s super easy to create that effortless chic 1950s starlet on vacay look using a vintage silk scarf (or a new, vintage inspired poly version, like these adorable retro scarves by Erstwilder). There are so many simple but oh so cute ways to wear them!

Erstwilder Cuddly Cactus vintage inspired scarf
Erstwilder Cuddly Cactus scarf

You can wear silky scarves on your head in lots of different ways, and on other body parts too. Here are several ideas that are really easy to pull off, modeled by one of our Shop Gals, Gwen Stacy, using the sweet black cat printed Meow at Midnight scarf.

In this first pic, Gwen’s got a big floppy bow goin’ on. This is a quick & cute hairstyle for a casual 1950s inspired look. Lay your scarf out flat, fold it diagonally to make two opposite corners touch, creating a triangle. Then simply  roll up your scarf to make a narrow headband. Put the headband under your hair at the base of your neck, pull up the ends and tie them in a bow. Easy peasy! You can wear it with short hair, long hair, hair that’s down or in an updo – all hair styles look great like this.


In this next one, Gwen has gone for a much more sophisticated vintage hair kerchief look, but it’s still super easy to achieve. This is the style favored by so many Hollywood starlets back in the day. You can rock this one two ways. To cover your entire head and the back of your neck, like Gwen has in the photo below, start with a fully opened scarf. You can roll the front bit under to create a softer edge around your face. I think this look is the most glamorous.


As an alternative, and a slightly more casual, out for a Sunday stroll kind of look, you can start with the scarf folded in half diagonally. This will result in a shorter scarf that covers less of your hair, with a point hanging down on the back of your head. In either case, you simply tie the scarf under your chin and off you go, looking fabulous!


Of course, you can also wear scarves around your neck in tons of ways (Google “how to tie a scarf” and you will find lots of tutorials, including videos!). Here are a couple of super easy ones to get you started, using just a simple knot. Tie it in the front:


Or tie it in the back:



You can also get creative and tie scarves onto your wrist or your handbag, wear a scarf as a belt, or simply tie it onto your belt loop like this:


Couldn’t be easier, right?! So get to it and start wearing more retro scarves! Change up your outfit with a patterned pretty and watch the compliments roll in.

Want to stay inspired and have 5 easy ways to wear your scarves, right at your fingertips? Snag the print and clip how-to card to keep on your vanity or hang on your mirror where you get dressed! You’ll be added to our email list, which means you’ll get even more fashion goodies popping up in your inbox to inspire you. Soon you’ll be rockin’ that vintage glam style, effortlessly, everywhere you go, turnin’ all the heads!

5 Easy Ways to Style Retro Scarves



I hope you’ve gotten inspired to start collecting and wearing these versatile beauties, whether they be vintage or vintage inspired scarves. I know I’m gonna (any excuse to do more vintage shopping, eh?)!

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