3 Pretty Prints You Need in Your Life: Cranes, Cacti, and Cherry Blossoms

Happy spring, vintage lovers! Even in this time of a global pandemic, the beauty of springtime cannot be denied. In fact, observing the changes in the weather, the flights of butterflies in my backyard, and the blooming of flowers everywhere on my neighborhood walks are all things that are keeping me going and giving me hope.

Photo by Nancy Rayas on Unsplash

In the spirit of hopefulness and enjoying beauty wherever we can, I’d like to showcase three gorgeous, vintage inspired, novelty print fit and flare dresses we have at the boutique! These new, super comfortable, cotton blend dresses – all with pockets! – are ethically made by Canadian manufacturer, Miss LuLo. They’re the first pieces we’ve had from this brand, and I’m in love. All are extremely easygoing for all day wear!


Our Shop Stylist, Gwen Stacy, takes a selfie in the crane print dress

Did I mention? Pockets!

Need I say more? Probably not. But, in case you want more of the fantastic details:

The Miss LuLo crane print Laura dress also has an adorable neckline, a cool crane print, & comfy stretch. Watch this try-on video from our Shop Stylist, Gwen Stacy, for her review. [Hint: she loves this one!]


Next up, an adorable cactus print dress! Cactus print has become so popular in recent years. It’s a phenomenon that I can’t really explain, but I’ll just go with it. Cacti are cute!


Retro Cactus Print Fit and Flare Dress
Gwen is camera-ready in this cute cactus print dress!

Whether you choose to style this fabulous retro dress with cowboy boots for western flair, or go the classic route with a strand of pearls, it’s a winner!

Here’s Gwen Stacy’s try-on video of this V-neck Julie cactus print dress by Miss LuLo. The pleated bodice is rather voluminous, which will work wonderfully for ladies that are on the bustier side. Gwen also has a little trick to show you for tucking in some of the extra fabric, if needed:


And the third lovely Miss LuLo dress is the simple, but stunning, May dress in cherry blossom print! It’s a sleeveless V-neck, pin-up inspired style, with a cute gathered detail at the bust and dainty pleats at the shoulders for a feminine touch. This beautiful blue-violet dress with pops of pink cherry blossoms is a winner, and so fab for spring!


Dress it up or dress it down! Perfection.


Head over to our online store to shop these fabulous 1950s inspired Miss LuLo dresses now & score free shipping within the U.S.!


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