Halloween at Hempton’s

Its officially spooky season!  *Plays Spooky Scary Skeletons Remix and dances around like a madwoman* 

In the spirit of the season, allow me to give you a tour of some of the Halloween clothing items at Hempton’s with that vintage aesthetic that you love!

The must-have of the season is this rockabilly style criss-cross bat swing dress

This halter dress is the perfect option for spooky-seekers who live in hotter climes such as Austin (where Hempton’s is located) or other parts of Texas! The spooky theme pairs surprisingly well with the sundress cut and the criss-cross in the front adds a unique spin! If you are in a colder place no need to fret, this versatile dress will look adorable with a pair of sweater tights and a cropped jacket. Pre-orders for this dress close on September 6th so make sure to snatch yours up ASAP!

Another adorable dress available for pre-order on the same date is the spooky aqua mermaid dress:

This retro swing dress has super cute button details on the belt and the contrasting black panels on the shoulders and pockets give this dress some extra vintage flair! This is another great option for warm-weather Halloween with its thinner flowing fabric. This dress is just as versatile, pair it with a cute cardigan to warm it up if you live in the north! The same pre-order date applies here so get it while the gettin’ is good! 

Dresses not your jam? Then our super spooky separates will be perfect for you! Talk about versatile, this adorable Universal Monsters crop top can be worn with almost anything! 

This vintage inspired top is adorable with a plain black skirt of any kind, such as this 1950s style black circle skirt, but you can wear this top with anything from a favorite pair of retro jeans, to these high waist black capris, to a big tutu-like crinoline like this black petticoat for a true Halloween look! Available now!

If subtlety is more your style, then this skull print suspender skirt is a great way to go! 

At first glance, this just looks like a cute black suspender skirt with white dots, but oh, what’s this?

Skulls and crossbones! This adorable skirt can be worn in so many ways! To emulate the picture, pair it with this striped top, or you can sweeten it up with this white and pink blouse! This skirt & striped top is on the same schedule as the dresses, so get your pre-orders in! 

We also have a plethora of fun & spooky pinup accessories and more casual items! 

Take a look at our entire Halloween Collection to see everything!

Happy (pre-)Halloween! XOXO,
Shopgirl Rachel

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